Prunus armeniaca 'Puget Gold' - Puget Gold Apricot

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Puget Gold apricot was developed in Western Washington and is the easiest to grow and most disease resistant apricot variety we have found. Delectably sweet and tender, fully ripe Apricots are a unique tasty treat. Difficult to ship when ripe, Apricots are best grown at home or purchased from a local farmer. Apricots like half day to full day sun, well drained soil, and begin bearing in 2-3 years. To help prevent disease problems, spray with copper in fall and again in winter and early spring during dry spells. Apricots are a challenge to grow west of the Cascade Mountains. Our wet winters lead to disease problems and flowers can be hurt by late frost. Late-blooming varieties such as the Puget Gold do the best in the Northwest Climate.

3.5m - 5.5m tall x 3m wide



Zone 4 (-34 to -29° C)

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