Celebrating 40 Years!

Celebrating our Growth, Honouring our Roots!
It is with immense pride and gratitude that I announce the 40th anniversary of Hillen Nursery Ltd. Founded in 1984 by
Peter and Ellie Hillen, the Hillen’s had the foresight to select Mount Brydges as the location to begin construction of the
nursery. Located 20 minutes west of London Ontario, Mount Brydges is a town rich in agriculture and one that offered
excellent growing conditions and available land to accommodate expansion, and expanded we have!
From their humble beginnings in 1984, which consisted of only a few cold frames, Hillen Nursery Ltd currently sits upon
a picturesque 350 acres and produces over one million plants annually. This growth simply would not have been possible
without the countless hours of hard work, determination and adaptability of Peter and Ellie. Their ability to embrace
change, take risks and approach each day with an unmatched work ethic has made Hillen Nursery Ltd. one of the most
trusted and respected nurseries in the industry.
Hillen Nursery Ltd remains a family-owned business committed to building upon the rock-solid foundation provided by
Peter and Ellie. Their unwavering commitment to their staff, their customers and the nursery industry remain core
values which guide and shape our company each and every day. For 40 years, Peter and Ellie have proudly dedicated
their lives to this industry, never asking what the industry would do for them but instead always looking to give back.
Hillen Nursery Ltd. remains as dedicated and passionate today about continuing with this vision set forth by its founders.
Peter and Ellie’s philosophy to customer service was “whatever it takes”, their commitment to their customers was
unrivalled. Remaining open minded and curious about their customers needs allowed for growth in areas perhaps never
thought possible in 1984. We have continued this philosophy with a willingness and desire to remain in tune to our
customers needs to ensure continued change and growth, and “whatever it takes” to meet those needs!
It is not lost upon us that as we celebrate our 40th anniversary we need to recognize so many of our valued business
partners (friends) that have been growing right along with us. It is a belief that governs all of our activity at the nursery.
We have the best business partners in the industry and our growth is only a reflection of your own. Thank you for
sharing 40 seasons with us!
As this industry continues to grow, we remain poised to grow and change with it. One thing that will not change is our
dedication and commitment to providing exceptional quality, 100% Ontario grown nursery products.
Thank you to Peter and Ellie for creating something that has provided so much to so many. Happy 40th Anniversary!
Thank you and best wishes for a successful 2024 season!
Mark Endicott