Paeonia 'Madrid' - Madrid Peony


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'Madrid' is your dream come true and the answer to your prayers! This petite peony is perfectly suited for containers and its compact nature further emphasizes the size of its extravagant blossoms. Those sizable blooms are cupped around french vanilla centers and emit a wonderful decadent perfume. Strong stems rise from its handsome dark green foliage and make this an excellent choice for cut flower arrangements as well. This handsome perennial is a magnet for butterflies and other pollinators, but thankfully deer don't give it a second glance. Put a container full of these big white blooms on your porch, patio, or deck and you will be sure to receive many compliments.

0.5m tall x 0.25m wide

Full Sun

Early Summer - Spring

Zone 2 (-45 to -40° C)

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