Berberis thunbergii 'Tara' - Emerald Carousel Barberry


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A cross between B. thunbergii and B. koreana, exhibiting the broad, rounded habit of the former and excellent winter hardiness of the latter. A fast-growing, deciduous, multi-stemmed, rounded shrub which typically grows 3-5' tall and as wide. Stems have sharp thorns. Features variably sized leaves (1/2" to 2" long) which emerge yellowish in spring, mature to dark green in summer and turn red in fall. Tiny, yellowish flowers appear from late April to early May in short racemes along the stems. Glossy, bright red berries form in the fall and often last into the winter well after leaf drop.

1m tall x 1m wide

Full Sun

Spring - Summer

Zone 4 (-34 to -29° C)

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